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At McKnight Steel, we specialize in the wholesale distribution of carbon, stainless, aluminum, and alloy tubing and pipe products for commercial and industrial projects. We have an extensive in-stock assortment of tubing and pipe in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Processing options include cutting, deburring, chamfering, and threading. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we are confident that we have the materials you need to get your job done.

As an industry leader, McKnight Steel maintains an extensive selection of Tubing and Pipe products in various metals, grades, shapes, and specifications at competitive prices. And volume pricing is available.

Other Metal Products

In addition to its tubing and pipe products, McKnight Steel & Tube Co. sells a variety of other Metal Products, including angle, channel, bar, rod, beam, and plate in various dimensions and sizes. Material is available to a variety of ASTM specifications and in a variety of grades. Industry-standard and specialty sizes are available in both imperial and metric measurements. All material can be cut to length, and deburring, chamfering, and threading services are also available.

As an industry leader, we strive to provide you with:

  • DFAR compliant material
  • Material to ASTM specifications
  • IMPERIAL or METRIC sizes
  • Material Test Reports are available with the shipment
  • Material can be provided cut to the desired length
  • Deburring, chamfering, and threading services

Metal Products Sourcing

Metal products are made for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. The style, shape, and construction method are all factors to consider when purchasing metal products. Our products are sourced from quality certified suppliers to ASTM standards and with accompanying Material Test Reports. Our expert team can help you to find the best product for your project.

We also have expertise in locating difficult-to-find products. With our wide range of industry contacts, we will help you find what you need.

Metal Products Delivery

McKnight Steel offers company-truck delivery in a 120-mile radius of our headquarters, and uses trusted common carriers for deliveries throughout the United States.

Value Added Services

If you require fabrication work, let us know. We partner with value-added businesses with tube laser, bending, threading, welding, and other processing options.

Value Added

Through trusted companies:

  • Precision Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Threading
  • Welding
  • Deburring

Our Commitment To You

With over sixty-eight years in the industry, our success is built upon the dedication and reliability of our people. We strive to remain a leading metal service center with the highest quality customer service and do so by developing and maintaining beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers. At McKnight Steel & Tube Co., we pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable and professional staff available to answer your questions.

McKnight Steel is the go-to metal supplier for:

  • Machine Shops
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Metal Distributors
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Construction Companies
  • Motor Sport Industry

Reach Out to the Experts

Since 1954, McKnight Steel & Tube Co. has distributed metal tubes, pipes, and other metal products, and provided precision cutting and deburring services. As a family owned and operated business for over 6 decades, McKnight Steel works closely with customers to overcome their challenges and fulfill their objectives.

For more information, contact us. You can send us an email at sales@mcknightsteel.com, give us a call at 215-396-9976 and talk directly to the sales team, or request a quote by completing the form on our website.

Our staff is prepared to identify and anticipate your needs. Please contact us today.




Alloy Tubing and Pipe (4130-4142)

.125″ to 20″ OD

ASTM A513 Type 5; ASTM A519; AMS 6360; AMS T 6736; Mil T 6736B

Aluminum Tubing and Pipe (3003, 5052, 6061, 6063)

.188″ to 16″ OD

ASTM B210; ASTM B221; ASTM B241

Carbon Tubing and Pipe

.125″ to 48″ OD

ASTM A53; ASTM A106; ASTM A500; ASTM A512; ASTM A513; ASTM A519

Nickel Tubing and Pipe (Monel, Inconel)

.125″ to 18″ OD

ASTM B161; ASTM B730; AMS 5580, AMS 5581, AMS 5589, AMS 5590; Mil T 1368

Stainless Tubing and Pipe (304, 316, 321, 310)

.063″ to 26″ OD

ASTM A213; ASTM A249; ASTM A269; ASTM 312; ASTM A511; ASTM A554

Titanium Tubing and Pipe

.250″ to 3″ OD

ASTM B861; ASTM B862; AMS 4941; AMS 4942; AMS 4943; AMS 4944

Driveline; Honed ID Tubing

.250″ to 6″ OD

ASTM A513 Type 5; ASTM A519

Hydraulic Fluid Line; Boiler Tubing

.125″ to 4″ OD

ASTM A178; ASTM 214; SAE J524; SAE J525

Ornamental Stainless Tubing

.500″ to 6″ OD


Sanitary Tubing

1″ to 6″ OD


Chrome Round Bar

.5″ to 12″ OD


Alloy Flat Bar and Angle (4130-4142)

.125″ to 6″ Thick;

.5″x.5″ to 8″x8″

ASTM A29; ASTM A108; ASTM A304; ASTM A322; ASTM A572; ASTM A588

Aluminum Flat Bar and Angle (6061, 6063)

.125″ to 6″ Thick;

.5″x.5″ to 8″x8″

ASTM B211; ASTM B221; ASTM A6061; AMS 2772; AMS 4116; AMS 4117; AMS 4128; AMS 4150; AMS 4160; AMS 4161

Carbon Flat Bar and Angle

.125″ to 6″ Thick;

.5″x.5″ to 8″x8″

ASTM A29; ASTM A36; ASTM A108; ASTM A304; ASTM A529; ASTM A572

Stainless Flat Bar and Angle (303, 304, 316)

.125″ to 6″ Thick;

.5″x.5″ to 8″x8″

ASTM A276; ASTM A479; ASTM A480; ASTM A582; AMS 5639; AMS 5640; AMS 5653

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The Metal Experience

  • In Business Since 1954
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Material Test Reports Available
  • Domestic and DFAR Compliant Material Available
  • Company Trucks Deliver within a 120 mile radius of our Philadelphia location
  • Delivery by Common Carrier Across the United States
  • Close Working Relationships with an Assortment of Industry Professionals

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